Why using Shopify Plus is a good idea for those involved in the eCommerce sector?

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Why using Shopify Plus is a good idea for those involved in the eCommerce sector?

Nowadays, most of the businesses are present on the Internet, typically with a website. This is the main reason why there are many eCommerce platforms, including international eCommerce platforms that are helping people establish their online presence through modern, responsive online stores. For beginners, it could be challenging to choose the right platform for their online business project. However, regardless of the type of your business you are running, you can definitely count on a few solutions that have proven to be worth the investment. One of these solutions is Shopify Plus. So, what makes this international eCommerce platform so successful?

First and foremost, this platform supports business growth. Shopify Plus is a flexible solution which guarantees 99.99% uptime. It’s capable of managing over one million requests per second. It can also manage over 10000 checkouts in 60 seconds. So, even if your website starts growing fast and needs better support to handle the increased number of users, Shopify Plus can help you.

Next, it’s worth mentioning that Shopify Plus comes with a dedicated SSL certificate. This certificate shows the clients that your business is serious and that their personal information is safe with you. Another excellent thing about Shopify Plus is that this eCommerce platform can help you channel on more than one platform. You can use the dedicated Shopify administration panel to track social media and website events. Shopify Plus offers integration with many popular channels like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and Pinterest.

There are many modern designs and themes to choose from on this platform. Additionally, users can modify and alter some of the elements of these themes. With the help of these features, you can create an online store and eCommerce website that’s very close to your idea about the appearance of the site.

Shopify Plus offers excellent customer support too. Once you sign up to one of their plans, you will get a dedicated account manager. They will provide assistance whenever you get stuck or you have any question related to the platform.

With a platform like Shopify Plus, you can expect to build a modern, mobile-friendly eCommerce website. Of course, there are many other options on the market, but when we compare the price and the features that you can expect to get from Shopify Plus, it’s obvious that this is one of the best solutions in terms of ROI.

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