What is the best eCommerce platform for startups?

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What is the best eCommerce platform for startups?

If you want to use the most suitable eCommerce platform for your business, then you have to analyze the nature and characteristics of your business. This is quite natural because startups, for example, have different needs compared to medium-sized businesses. If you want to ensure that you will use the best eCommerce platform for startups, you have to get familiar with the basic features of the most popular eCommerce platforms in this category.

Startups are businesses that have specific needs and requirements. Generally speaking, they have a lot in common with small businesses, but they also have some unique requirements. According to many experts, the main difference is that startups are owned and managed by people willing to take more risk and people who are trying to introduce something inventive to the market. Now let’s check the options you have when you want to use the best eCommerce platform for startups.


First of all, there’s LemonStand. This is an eCommerce platform which was designed for website owners and developers who are interested in a high level of customization. Logically, this is the ideal solution for startups because these businesses have specific characteristics. In other words, with LemonStand, they are able to unleash their creativity.


3dcart was not designed especially for startup users, but they do have a startup plan. Obviously, this is the plan that you should take into account when you are trying to create a website. 3dcart comes equipped with many features and options that will help you build and handle the website in the future too.


What’s unique about OSCommerce is that this platform is completely free. On top of that, you can expect to get add-ons for free too. There’s a special app market where you can download and integrate apps that will boost the functionality of your website.


OpenCart provides a free basic package that you can customize in any way you want. Once again, you’ll have an opportunity to create a website that takes care of specific startup needs. There are add-ons which you can use for a small fee.


WooCommerce is an easy-to-use platform and plugin created for WordPress websites. If your budget is limited, you should definitely consider WooCommerce which is basically free and offers premium add-ons. The only problem here is that you can use it for your startup eCommerce site only if it’s using WordPress.

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