Looking for the perfect ecommerce platform for your business? Are you finding it to be a much more difficult task than you anticipated? You are definitely not alone, and this is the perfect article for you. So many business owners of start-ups don’t know where to begin when it comes to picking their ecommerce platform, and that really isn’t surprising considering most of them are beginners and when you look at how confusing the platforms can be. When you look at names like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and see all of the features that are listed things can get very confusing, so to help you out a bit today we are going to be talking about a platform that we feel could be the best ecommerce platform for start-ups. This platform is called Volusion and if you want to learn more about it just keep on reading.
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If you are looking for something that can be the full-package for you as a beginner, then this is definitely a good place to start. This is a cloud-based ecommerce platform, just like Shopify, and it is also fully hosted like Shopify, which essentially means that you will not have to worry about things like maintenance, security, software updates and so on since all of that will be done for you by the providers. Something that you will have to do is edit the CSS as well as the HTML code, but if you don’t feel like that is something that you can do yourself, then you can always just hire someone to do it for you. You can get it for both Android and iOS, which is also the case with Shopify. As you can see, we are making small comparisons through the article of Volusion and Shopify, and that is simply because these are two platforms that usually get compared and that customers struggle with choosing between the two, so we want to show you that you won’t be missing out on anything with Volusion.
A feature that we really love about the platform is the fact that it is really optimized for SEO and that for us is more than reason enough to say it is the best international ecommerce platform to build your business. SEO is very important when you are working online, and good SEO capabilities will make sure that you are on the very top of search engines like Google, and that will make it much easier for customers to find your ecommerce. The interface of Volusion is quite similar to Shopify in the sense that they are both very natural, intuitive and very simple to use, so that is another thing that you’re not compromising on. The inbuilt rewards program is another tool that you will find very useful and something that your customers will definitely be grateful for. You will also get integrating inventory management, which is always one of key elements that you should look for in an ecommerce platform, so that is another great bonus.
A lot of people love Shopify because of their amazing customer support, however we can confidently say that Volusion’s customer support is just as amazing. With 24/7 availability via several different channels, and that is something that you will really benefit from. The prices come in four different price models and amongst them there is a package that will only cost you $15 a month and that may just be the perfect one for your start-up.
As you can see, Volusion has some tools and features that are good enough the challenge even the likes of Shopify. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you can see why we feel Volusion is the best ecommerce platform for start-ups, and we definitely hope this article encouraged you to check it out.

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