As a Past President of the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® I was selected to chair our Search Committee when it was time to hire a new AE for our Association. This was the second time I served on a search committee over the years, so I had experience with the process. We decided to hire a facilitator to help us stay on track and to guard against any liability in the hiring process.  We did our due diligence and interviewed a few facilitators and ultimately decided on hiring Alice Martin.  Alice was an excellent choice for our Association.  She helped immensely with the entire process from setting up the initial ad to be posted on all message boards to developing the educational and background criteria for the potential candidate.  She assisted in developing interview questions and created a scoring system for us to use during the interview process.  She was also instrumental with analyzing the candidates background and helped us to reach our ultimate hiring conclusion.  I would strongly recommend considering Alice Martin and am happy to provide this recommendation and review. Frank Jacovini, Past President and Chair of the 2017 Search Committee, Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS.

“Alice, thank you for being so easy to work with. Your communication with me was exceptional and you made the whole process a very personal experience for all of those involved. Kudos to you! ” Kat Downes, Whitman Co. Association of REALTORS, WA

“We are steadily working to implement the strategic plan we put into place with your guidance. You are a big reason for our confidence. You were wonderful to work with, and we could not have done this without you.” Susan Sokeland, Association Executive, Bedford Board of REALTORS, Indiana

“Reflecting on our workshop yesterday, I came to the realization that you are a Jedi, Alice. You are so calm and unassuming, and you quietly lead the group through a process at the end of which we: have a brilliant strategic plan and have addressed the anchors and ways to grow our wings!” Kehaulani Costa, Hawai’i Island REALTORS, Hilo, HI

“Don Martin is the epitome of a great instructor! He is incredibly knowledgeable about his chosen topics as well as being a presenter who knows how to hold the attention of his audience. With the experience and expertise he has acquired in real estate over the last few years, I would find it difficult to think of anyone who has better credentials to teach our members! Over the last five years I have found him to be extremely reliable, entertaining and exacting in his material. He treats his students with respect and is a joy to work with from an administrative aspect. Our students always give him high praise.” Roger Nelson, CEO, and Melody Hoover, Education Director, West Maricopa County Regional Association of REALTORS.

“Your session was very informative and useful within the world of real estate and in general…the best results-oriented session I have ever experienced. We left with a clear understanding of the task at hand.” Donna Spears, Richmond Association of REALTORS Planner, and former National Chairwoman of the IU Alumni Association

“Alice is very experienced in real estate association matters and comes from the excellent background of both the Arizona and NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. I have worked with her for years in a number of different REALTOR® venues and would recommend her highly for her knowledge, expertise, and ethical standards of business.” – Richard Mendenhall, 2001 Past President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

“I have known and worked with Don Martin in many areas of education and brokerage for over 25 years. Without qualification, there is no one better in any area of education.” – Marge Lindsay, CRB, CRS, GRI, Vice President & Director of Training, West USA, Phoenix, AZ

“Alice Martin facilitated our governance review committee’s background study and first meeting, and we were fortunate to have her experience and skills as we approached this difficult subject. Alice has a deep knowledge of the REALTOR® organization and the ability to use that knowledge to better direct a conversation about a complex subject like governance.  It was highly advantageous to have her objectivity and insight, as well as her ability to manage a group discussion as we began our thinking process. We are happy to recommend her for other opportunities she may have to serve as a facilitator.” –Lisa G. Noon, CAE, RCE CEO, Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®

“Well done, professionally presented and with many key, change-making, mind-expanding and practice-enhancing nuggets!” – REALTOR® Leadership Program 300 student from Don’s class.

“I have known Alice Martin for most of my REALTOR® Association career that has spanned over 30 years. Alice understands the organization, the industry and the needs and expectations of the membership. She is an outstanding asset to any planning or leadership session through her advanced planning, thoroughness and effective facilitation style. She gains her strength and wisdom through helping others achieve greatness – which is truly a testament to her commitment to the REALTOR® organization.” Travis Kessler, RCE, CAE, President/CEO, Texas Association of REALTORS®

“As an Association Executive for the past 32 years, I find it a pleasure to meet and learn from my colleagues in the association industry.  We are a close knit community and because of this I have had the very distinct pleasure of getting to know Alice during that time.  Her desire to assist and promote REALTOR® Associations across the country is unbounded.  Alice is a true example of an effective Association Planner and while assisting our association to accomplish its strategic plan update, she quickly grasped the situation, worked with our leadership team and the outcome is a positive solution.  Our updated plan is already making great strides within our organization.”  It is my pleasure to recommend Alice Martin to any local association for Leadership Training and Strategic Planning. Nancy Dunning, RCE, Cape Coral Association of REALTORS (FL)

“Don’s style of involving all of us in the class was great—participation was most valuable!” REALTOR® Leadership Program 200 student.

“Alice Martin came to work with us in 2010 to help our association formulate a Strategic Plan. The day was extremely productive and helped us to not only think strategically but enabled us to formulate a plan to act upon once the day was complete. Alice offered guidance, information and valuable insight. We would not have progressed without her leadership and direction. Alice truly understands the real estate industry.” – Sheila Dodson

“Simply put, Alice ‘gets it’! She’s a wonderfully intelligent and engaging consultant, trainer and facilitator with a great background and understanding of the association world. I’ve seen Alice work with all types of associations, large and small, and she has a real knack for getting to the core of the issues and helping REALTORS and Association Executives solve problems, plan for the future, and address members’ needs. I’ve also worked with Alice as a co-facilitator on Leadership Training and she is very successful at getting people engaged in conversation and also being prepared for leadership roles. I’d highly recommend Alice for your association’s training, consulting and or facilitation needs!” – Diane Ruggiero, RCE, CAE, Consultant and former Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® & Heartland Multiple Listing Service

“All associations, REALTOR® and otherwise, should have an Alice Martin in their lives. Alice is a skilled facilitator/organizer/leader working with boards and associations, drawing out the best from the leadership for the health, stability, and growth of their respective organizations. And that skill is infused with day to day practicality and humor making for very realistic and workable long or short term planning. Book Alice now, the word is out that she is very good at what she does. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait your turn before she has time to work with your group.” Patty Manning, RCE, former Executive Officer, Eugene Association of REALTORS® (OR)

“Very good is not adequate to describe this instructor. Don was excellent; informative, humorous, and didn’t talk above our heads…. Arizona GRI student.

“The Louisiana REALTORS® Association requested the services of Alice Martin for Professional Standards and Leadership training many times and each time she put her personal touch on the presentations and the audience went away informed, educated and most of all they know that Alice Martin cares about their success and that she is their partner in succeeding with their programs. – Malcolm Young, RCE, CAE, former CEO, Louisiana Association of REALTORS®.