Volunteer and Staff Leadership Solutions

For more information about any of these sessions, including proposed fees, contact MartinConsultingSolutions@gmail.com or 312.842.4206. And if one of these doesn’t sound just right for you, let us know and we’ll tailor make one that does!

Strategic Leadership. Board of Directors Orientation/Retreat. This session offers both leadership basics and an orientation for new or returning directors to start them off on the right foot for the coming year and also focuses on how board directors can and should be strategic as they make decisions. Committee chairs or other interested volunteers sometimes participate. This program can also be modified to provide a more high-level training for your presidents and presidents-elect.

Topics and a lot of interaction can include:
• Leadership traits
• Fiduciary duties
• Roles and responsibilities
• Strategic Decision-making and Effective meetings
• Strategic planning implementation tips
• Review of association’s strategic plan and coming year’s objectives
• Volunteer recruitment ideas

Leading Change! Are your leaders ready to lead your association through major change? This session will take participants through a proven process with Dr. John Kotter’s Eight Steps featured in his book, Leading Change. It promises to be not only a session about how to facilitate change, but it will be interactive and fun as it shares the experiences of Fred and his fellow emperor penguins from Kotter’s book, Our Iceberg is Melting!

Committee Chair and Vice Chair Training. Often committee leadership involves brand new chairs or vice chairs. They, especially need to understand how it all “works.” Sometimes, more experienced chairs need to be refreshed about leadership and meeting management skills, and both types should get a picture of how their committee or work group is aligned with association’s strategic plan and direction for the upcoming year. This training can be invaluable to ensure your overall leadership 

Meeting Management. So much of your association’s success results from what happens at meetings! When you have them, why you have them, and how they’re handled will all be a huge part of whether you have the outcomes you want. This session can be a part of a general leadership orientation or a stand-alone session and includes: preparation the meeting: developing strategic agendas, building consensus, handling conflict and challenging participants, parliamentary procedure tips, and much more.

Don close up WEMAR (2)REALTOR® Leadership Program (RLP). Both Don and Alice are certified trainers for NAR’s new REALTOR® Leadership Program (RLP). This newly revised program is designed to help local and state volunteer leaders increase leadership skills through interactive courses. The program consists of an initial online course, which is not mandatory, but greatly encouraged, as well as two three-hour, interactive, live presentation courses.
• Leadership 100. An online, self-study course provides a comprehensive overview to give participants the confidence needed to pursue a leadership role with the REALTOR® association.
• Leadership 200. An interactive course prepares participants to assume greater leadership responsibilities within their associations.
• Leadership 300. An interactive course is recommended for leaders who have completed the Leadership 200 course and are interested in advancing their skills to an executive level.

Both 200 and 300 courses are subject to licensing agreements and fees to with NAR.]

Train the Trainer Session Development and Delivery. You have staff and members who would be great trainers, but need some pointers that will help them hone their skills and help you make your educational programs even better. We can help you develop a session and even add content about the subject if you want. Martin Consulting Solutions has experience with developing and delivering NAR train-the-trainer in both diversity and housing opportunity courses, plus a statewide one for Code of Ethics instructors.

REALTOR® Association Executives Sessions. Sessions for AEs could include any of our Solutions, plus the following, or a combination of them.

    • What’s YOUR Challenge Today and What are your Successes?  CollarA session tailor-made for the current issues association executives are dealing with.
    • Is Your Strategic Plan Gathering Dust? Tips or consultation for successful plan implementation.
    • Mission Impossible: How to keep it all together and get it all done.
    • Customer Service. Does your staff need a refresher about proving the best ever service to its members? Most do
    • Association Models Planning Tool Overview.
    • Sharing and Collaboration. How to do it and do it well.
    • How to develop a successful Train-the-Trainer program.
    • PowerPoint Development. If you aren’t very good at developing PowerPoint presentations but you want to use them, or you just don’t have time to do it, nor do you have the expertise on staff, let me do it!

Let’s Rule! Can you have fun learning about Roberts Rules? Yes! photo (6)

Spend this interactive session with Don and Alice learning about the key parliamentary procedure rules you will need to chair effective meetings.




What Would Attila Say? What advice would the world’s greatest leaders give to association staff and volunteer leaders? This program introduces common scenarios association leaders face, such as:  member engagement, micromanagement, meetings gone wild, and staffing challenges, and more. Then,  it takes participants into a review and discussion of how the world’s greatest historical leaders would handle them. Your association’s leaders can compare their  leadership philosophies and solutions to their own and develop workable solutions for each.

Collaboration and Shared Services Workshops. Collaboration and Shared Services Workshops. Whether it’s to meet NAR Core Standards or simply to leverage resources to improve member services and value, collaborating with other REALTOR associations and/or external organizations, this workshop can open your minds to new ideas. It includes a fantastic “Assessment Guide” for associations to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses that can help match them with other groups or be a precursor to a successful strategic planning session. An interactive discussion with potential sharing opportunities with associations identified as good matches can help you reach your goals.

Lincoln on Leadership. This half-day session weaves in volunteer roles and responsibilities of the with Lincoln principles as described in the book, Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips. Participants: Leadership Academy participants; Boards of Directors; committee leadership. Length: 3-4 hours or what will work to meet your needs.

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