Professional Standards Solutions

Grievance and Professional Standards Committee Roles. What does the Grievance Committee really do and how does it impact the process? How do hearing panel members effectively evaluate and make good, quality decisions about complaints and business disputes while protecting all parties’ rights and association liability? This session will provide hands on examples, checklists, and more to help both members and staff follow the professional standards process correctly and efficiently.

Hearing Panel Chair Training. In depth review and practice for ethics and arbitration hearing panels – what to prepare for, how to handle typical challenges, making decisions, and much more.

Procuring Cause. Who really deserves the commission? Is it the person who wrote the offer or the one who represented the buyer, neither, or both? These questions and more are provided in this lively three-hour session for both members and hearing panel members. This brief article, 10 Ways To Avoid Procuring Cause Disputes, will give you get a taste!

Code of Ethics Training. This training not only meets the NAR quadrennial ethics requirement, but it offers hands on real life examples for Code enforcement. Great for both members-at-large and members of Grievance and Professional Standards Committees. (NAR’s updated Code of Ethics Toolkit for AEs here can help association executives meet this requirement, too.)

  Mediation and Ombudsman Training. More and more associations are offering both mediation of business disputes and ethics complaints, plus offer ombudsman services. Do you have enough trained mediators and ombudsmen? This in-depth interactive training will help prepare your volunteers and staff to carry out these important functions.

Did you know that NAR has a series of videos to help your association promote professionalism? See one of them here.