Three Things You Need To Know

Three Things You Need to Know

There are some announcements you and your association leadership ought to know about. All three are related to your future in some way. Let’s take a look.

1. Most of you know this, but just in case, those proposed revisions to NAR Core Standards I wrote about in the last newsletter were all approved by the NAR Board of Directors last week. They’ll take effect beginning July 1, 2016 but you’ll have until December 31, 2017 to meet them. You can find them all here, but take note that there are some key changes.
The “advocacy” standard now has eight activities you’ll need to complete – two each in the “Vote, Act, and Invest” categories, plus the voluntary dues billing for RPAC and/or PAF contributions and participation in Calls to Action.. There are a lot of examples to choose from, so don’t fret. Next is that the Consumer Outreach standard has been revised to combine some activities and move the advocacy piece as it is covered under the Advocacy Standard. New Standards: member education, a REALTOR safety activity, and a professional development requirement for elected leaders. The details of the revisions as approved by the Board are here. Note that the Compliance Tool is being revised and improved, too.

2. The REALTOR Leadership Program (RLP) that NAR has been offering for several years has been revised. It’s organized differently, has some new material, and will be even more relevant to current and future leaders. Both Don and I are part of the NAR-approved facilitator list and one or both of us would be thrilled to provide the new courses to you. Be one of the first to provide the updated leadership training and contact us for a session now!

3. I have added a new arrow to my Solutions quiver. I have begun to assist associations with their executive searches. Whether it’s for CEOs or senior staff, my familiarity with both volunteer and staff leadership needs, necessary skills and experience that these key employees should have and how they fit with your association, and my skills in facilitation, organization, and “knowing how it works,” fit well with this type of service. I hope you’ll consider me when the time comes for your association.
We hope you’ll consider one or both of us to provide insight and leadership to your association,. You can visit our website to see what solutions we may have for you now or in the future. You’ll not be disappointed as our goal is to exceed expectations in all things. If you know you need some assistance in some way but aren’t sure how to approach the challenge, let us know and we’ll contact you to brainstorm some ideas. No strings attached.
You can also find us at 312.842.4206 or We look forward to hearing from you soon. Alice and Don

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