Core Standards, Part 2… Will you be ready?

As many of you may already know, NAR has released the proposed amendments to its Core Standards as developed by the Core Standards Working Group. These amendments will be reviewed and voted upon at the upcoming meetings in D.C. in May.

This post will give you quick look at the major highlights after I pose some questions for your association leaders to answer as you prepare to undertake what’s necessary to meet requirements.

Preparation Checklist. These are just some of the questions you’ll need to answer as part of the recommended revisions if approved.

  1. Do you provide leadership training for your elected leaders? You’ll need to.
  2. Does your strategic plan include “actionable implementation strategies?” Have you updated your plan since the first cycle? Are you implementing it successfully?
  3. Do you provide an annual performance review for your chief paid staff?
  4. Are you including an “above the line” RPAC or PAF contribution request in your dues billing?
  5. Are you providing only a financial contribution to community outreach activities and no member participation?
  6. Are you providing an annual REALTOR® Safety program for members?

Highlights of New Proposals

  • Change in Cycle Deadlines. If the proposed changes are approved there will be a longer cycle to prepare for them, plus to synchronize the cycles with the calendar year. The revised cycle would begin July 1, 2016 and end on December 31, 2017. From that point on, the cycles will be annual from January 1 to December 31.
  • Professional Development for Associations without Staff.  The requirement for at least six hours of professional development would be extended to those individuals primarily responsible for functions normally carried out by paid staff.
  • Professional Development for Elected Leaders. A new requirement for associations to provide resources or access to leadership development education/training for elected REALTOR® leaders and to document such.
  • Performance Reviews for Chief Paid Staff. All must adopt policies governing annual reviews.
  • Increased Advocacy Requirements. There are a few, but in summary, “above the line” requests for RPAC and/or PAF contributions will be required in dues billings instead of encouraged, (although associations may write a check for the full amount) and to participate in Calls to Action. Also new is to complete two initiatives in the Vote, Act, Invest categories, bringing the total to eight advocacy activities.
  • Consumer Outreach Revision. One of the revisions would require member participation in consumer outreach activities – not just financial sponsorship.
  • Member Education Offerings. Associations would be required to offer, promote, or provide professional development opportunities to members.
  • REALTOR® Safety. Associations would be required to offer an annual REALTOR® safety activity.

This is an overview only. There are more details and recommendations in the report, plus there is a slide presentation available from NAR. There will be more information available in a variety of formats as we move toward the Midyear Meetings.

It should be an interesting discussion in D.C. as the REALTOR® organization continues to look for new and better ways to improve its services to all members. If you need any help reaching any of these goals, please let me know – I can help!

Hope to see you in D.C. and safe travels.

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