Sharing Services to Meet NAR Core Standards: What a great idea!

I co-facilitated a shared services workshop at the NAR Annual Meeting in New Orleans earlier this month with Kevin McQueen and was excited to see the enthusiasm and ideas shared by the nearly 100 participants. The purpose of the workshop was:
–to identify the benefits or partnering, brainstorm ways to share to meet the NAR Core Standards, and.
–to introduce the NAR Shared Services materials, especially the Assessment Guide, which designed to help associations –self-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in Ten Essential Services areas (that are closely matched to the Core Standards in many ways).

Check out the Shared Services tools and especially the Shared Services Assessment Guide – and don’t be afraid to try it. It’s not nearly as scary as it looks and it will help you plan in many, many ways.
And, of course, let me know what you think, your ideas and experiences with collaboration, and if you want to have a workshop in your area, too.

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