NAR Core Standards Resources and Links

Want to know the latest NAR’s Core Standards and ideas about meeting them? I have included a few links to important information and tools for your easy reference.

Core Standard: Unification – What the Devil Does That Mean?

NAR’s Frequently Asked Questions

NAR Core Standards

NAR Compliance Criteria (pdf)

NAR Core Standards Home page for an overview of other NAR resources.

How Martin Consulting Solutions Services Can Help You Meet the Standards

Ten Reasons Strategic Plans Fail. An article and a video explaining the common reasons that strategic plans might fail. (I should add a new one -not meeting the NAR requirements!)

If you haven’t planned your session for developing or updated your strategic plan, you are looking to share services,  or you know you need to meet some other standards before June 2015, and you’re not quite sure how, please get in touch with me to talk about some ideas.  My experience as a REALTOR, a local, state, and NAR executive, and consultant will bring added value and perspective to your own experiences. (Take a deeper look!)

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