Using Good Grammar Makes Good Impressions!

Using Good Grammar Makes Good Impressions!

Saw this great statement on Facebook today from and had to share it. Good grammar can’t just help you with winning arguments (or maybe avoiding them), but it helps all leaders to make good impressions – or prevents them from making bad ones!

Here are some common mistakes that tend to make me crazy and probably you too. Pass them along tactfully to the offenders you know.

Its or it’s? This one is my favorite. “It’s” is a contraction that means” it is” or “it has.” “It’s” is NOT a possessive.  “Its” is. Try saying it out loud when using it’s as a possessive – like “The cat licked it’s paws.” That would really mean “the cat licked it is paws.”

Me or I? Commonly heard: “Between you and I…..” WRONG. Me is used as an object of a preposition and I is a subject. So, say this one out loud too by leaving out the “you and” saying instead: “between I“ or “about you and I”, try saying “about I.” Can you see the mistake? And “me” doesn’t work as the subject either. Commonly heard: “Me and her are going to the store,” or “Her and I are going to the store.” Try saying “Me is going to the store.” Not! Or how about “Please give comments to Don and I.” Nooooo….. it should be “ to Don and me” – remember that object of a preposition rule. The easiest way to remember this is to eliminate the first part (Don and) and see what you think: does “Please give comments to I?” sound right? I don’t think so.

Myself. This is another one that writers, authors, and famous people on TV use incorrectly. There are only two ways to use “myself” in the right way: “Many people are allergic to cats, I myself am not.” OR, “I thought to myself.” Myself should never be used like this: “It was a secret between her and myself.”

Loose or lose.  You shouldn’t worry about “loosing your shirt” unless it’s too tight. But you should worry about “losing your shirt” if it’s one of your favorites.

If you’re guilty of using these incorrectly, you are not alone. Smart, super-educated people do all the time because they’ve heard them wrong so much! Check any grammar site online and you’ll find out about these and many more. Use these terms correctly – both verbally and in writing – and you’ll always make the right impression!

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